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December 19, 2018

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Animal Jokes

Special Holiday Gifts (Clean)
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After going to university, each of four sons left the house and started into their careers. The sons quickly became very successful business entrepreneurs and prospered well. Before the holiday season, over lunch, the four sons discussed how well they had done and the gifts they were able to give back to their elderly parents this year who lived in another city far away. The oldest son said "Had a huge house built for Dad with six washrooms and ten bedrooms." The next son said "had a 100 thousand dollar multimedia theater installed in the house." The third son said "My Audi dealer deliver an fully loaded Audi R8 to the house." The youngest son explained "You know how Dad loved reading the Bible every night and now he can't, as he does not see well anymore. Well, met a preacher who had a parrot that can recite the entire Bible. It took twenty preachers and fifteen years to train this parrot. I asked 'how much for this parrot" and preacher said "irreplacable amount of money can replace this parrot" So I pledged $100,000 a year for twenty years to the preachers church to get this parrot .. it was a lot, but I feel it was worth it. Now, Dad just has to name the chapter and verse that he wants and the parrot will recite it word for word. "Amazing Parrot" The brothers were impressed. After the holidays, the Dad sent out his thank you notes. You are my oldest favorite son John, the house is truly beautiful and is so huge. We only live in one room, but mom has to clean the whole house. Thanks anyway." Dad "Tom, your gift was very thoughtful, but we are too old now to travel far. We both stay at home lately and have food and groceries delivered to the house. Unfortunately we never use the Audi. Your thoughts were kind. Thanks, Love Mom and Dad Andy, That grand 40 person multimedia theater you had installed is awesome with the Dolby sound. Unfortunately, most of my friends are dead, my hearing is going fast and can barely see the screen as we are nearly blind. Too bad, we just can't use it. Thank you for the wonderful gesture just the same." Dad "Dearest Sammy, you are our youngest son and we love you. This year you're the only son to have the common sense to give us a gift with a little thought behind it. "The chicken was delicious, Thank you, love Mom and Dad."

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