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May 20, 2019

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Political Jokes

One Wish Each (Clean)
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George, The Canadian Prime Minister and Bin-Ladin were walking down the beach together and the Canadian said look an Aladin Lamp.He picked up the lamp and said lets all rub on it and see if it works!! So they proceeded to rub on it together and PLOOF a genie popped out and said "thank you for getting me outta there and setting me free I will grant you three wishes but since you all rubbed together I will have to give you each one wish" . So who's first? They all decided to let the Canadian go first since he found the lamp. The canadian said for his wish he wanted all the farm land in Canada to be fertile forever. The genie said it's done and all the farm land in Canada was fertile forever. Then the genie asked who would be next? Bush being the Texan that he is told Bin-Ladin to go next. Bin-Ladin asked the genie that he wanted to be the ruler of Afganistan and to build an impenterable wall 60 feet tall and no way to get in or out all the way around Afganistan. The genie said it is done and there was a great wall around Afganistan and Bin-Ladin would be the Ruler. The genie turned to Bush and asked and what is your wish? Ole Bush thought a few minutes and asked what Bin-Ladin had wished for again? The genie told him that he wanted to be the ruler of Afganistan and to build a great wall 60 feet tall and impenterable. Bush said well for my wish ,just fill that great wall full of water.

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