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January 22, 2019

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The Newest Jokes

Throwing Things (Clean)
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Once, there was three men in an airplane (White, Chinese, and Mexican) and were throwing out the door things that they had in abundance in their countries. The Chinese opened the door of the plane and threw an cabbage. Later the mexican stepped up and threw an orange and finally the white man stepped up and threw a grenade.

A couple of minutes later they got off the plane and started walking down the street when the suddenly saw a homeless man cursing . One of the men asked him "Whats wrong?" The homeless man answered "God damned me. I asked him to feed me and all he sent me from heaven was a miserable cabbage. The men kept walking and a few blocks further down the street they came across another homeless man who was weeping. One of the men approached the second homeless man and asked him. "Are you ok? What's wrong?" The homeless man looked at at him and said "I asked God to feed me with at least a few crumbs of bread and he sent me a whole orange!"

The men continued walking even further down the street when suddenly they came across a 13 year old boy who was laughing uncontrollably. One of the men asked him "Young man? May I asked what is so funny?" The young boy kept laughing and in the first gasp of air he managed to breath he said "SEE THAT HOUSE BEHIND ME? I FARTED SO LOUD IT BLEW UP!!!!"

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